Focused on type of "PVC Boots" which has another call "The Gumboots", AP BOOTS products are waterproof and are mostly made from rubber or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) a thermoplastic polymer. These boots are suitable when walking on wet, muddy ground, or to protect the wearer from heavy showers. And the designs are generally just below knee-high. The PVC Boots generally is an important safety and hygiene footwear for industrial working equipment. Take heavy industry for instance, PVC Boots are very useful for protection from mud and grime in mines. Furthermore PVC Boots give protection from chemical spills and qualify to highest standard hygiene requirements in food processing, chemical and medical Industry.


There is so many boots in the world, but if someone want to choose the proper boots, then then you must realize a pair of boots that you choose has the following criteria.


Best raw material will result in a quality product. Qualified raw material will affect in durabillity. AP BOOTS adherence to international specifications in this regard ensures quality is maintained. Also important to a boot’s life-span is to ensure the boot is designed to meet the challenges of a particular working environment. Whatever jobs you in, its very important that you have the proper equipment.


Everybody in the world always considering about extra feature of their equip. And if we talk about extra safety feature which must applied in boots, steel toe caps, penetration resistant stainless steel midsoles, metatarsal protectors, shock absorbent padding in the heel, special PVC blends for static dissipation and resistance to oils, fats, blood, chemicals and acids is should be on mind. This feature are important in the construction industry and in many industrial settings. Occupational safety and health legislation or insurance requirements may require the use of boots with this feature included.

AP BOOTS are typically used in mining, quarrying and construction and these represent probably the toughest and most dangerous (for the feet) working conditions possible. Boots designed for these arduous conditions may include steel toe caps, penetration resistant midsoles and metatarsal protectors. Correct soil release pattern minimises a build-up of soil in the tread, making it less likely to slip and less abrasive wear on the sole.

In certain circumstances high visibility colours need to be used. Some are available as standard but any colour can be accommodated providing the order size makes this economical.


The prime design purpose of protective waterproof footwear is to keep water and other liquids away from the feet. This causes the feet to sweat more than they would in conventional footwear and excessive sweat build-up can cause skin problems. Accordingly, the wearing of socks or fur liners is recommended as they can easily be removed and washed. Thick cotton socks allow good ventilation and comfort as well.

This is why, WE ARE BETTER than the others
1. Confidence in Textiles
Textile materials guaranteed to be free from the use of hazardous chemicals materials according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100.The same standards are applied to objects in use by a baby. Safe, comfortable and long lasting.

2.Microbial Sanitized
Inner layer of AP BOOTS products covered by special care anti-fungal & microbial sanitized, ensure cleanliness and hygiene of the wearer. so well, intense itching and uncomfortable in your foot are now no longer a distraction at work.

3.Metatarsal Guard
With custom designs, AP BOOTS product have ability to minimize the effects of collisions on the metatarsal bones in your feet. Makes AP BOOTS true protective for heavy work and prone accident environment.

4. Sol Rubber Penthel.
Soft material, smooth and soft texture, but very strong and elastic will add safety and comfort in AP BOOTS product. Furthermore AP BOOTS have a smart and futuristic sol design that create slip resistance for the tarnish environment.

5. Interactive Design.
The creative innovation in AP BOOTS product, creating new features that very useful and beneficial application in field. For example, measuring scale on the AP 2006, Steel toe cap and Anti penetration sol system on the AP SAFETY and of course much more product design development in the next project.

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