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AP Boots is the market leader in safety boots products in Indonesia. Our humble beginning in 1970 started when the Company purchased a simple machine from Japan and started to produce safety boots. The products have been well accepted and has become the market leader since. Another important milestone for AP Boots was when the Company decided to renew its production line with latest technology from Italy in 1982. With the new technology, more advance safety boots (Bicolour Boots) were introduced and in no time becoming the top model & brand in the market for plantation, mining , contruction and general use.

Since then AP Boots became the market leader and diligently provides new models adding women, teens, and children in its clients list. AP Boots applies the international standard of anti-bacterial treatments on some of its textiles made products. The first tricolour boots for Asia (Japan excluded), AP 2003 was launched in 2003. The next big innovation was marked with the introduction of AP 2006 to the market in 2006. AP 2006 was uniquely equipped with a meter at the rear to measure the depth of water/ mud.

AP Boots continues its innovative growth and introduced special boots for bikers, AP Moto in 2007 followed by AP XT and AP School in 2008. In 2010, AP Boots introduced AP Safety; the first safety shoes with S5 standard equipped with double steel on the sole and cuff. With all the international standards that AP applies including the standard of safety and hygiene, AP remains the top leader of the market in Indonesia at the moment and aggresively pursuing its dominance in South East Asia region.

In line with AP Boots rapid expansion strategy of its high quality and International standard range of products in South East Asia region, the Company is seeking business partners. Please feel free to contact as at sales@apboots.com


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