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As the market leader in Indonesia, AP Boots never cease to bring the latest innovations in its boots both in designs and quality.

AP Boots provides its wide varieties of high quality products to everybody starting from children, women and men. In order to exceed high expectation from its reputable clients, AP Boots applies the international standard of anti-bacterial treatments on some of its textiles made products.

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AP Boots was started in a very humble shoe shop in Surabaya by Mr. Poedjiono in 1960. Reading to the fast potential growth of boots market as safety shoes at that time, Mr. Poedjiono found the courage to build boots factory with a simple machine bought from Japan in 1970.

Mr. Poedjiono set his first goal for his factory by selling 300,000 pairs of boots in national market. That goal was far from easy to achieve since the Indonesian were not informed with the importance of boots. Not too many people acknowledge the safety of wearing boots especially for the people working in the field. They only wear boots during the rainy season. With that thread, AP Boots could only produce and sell during the rainy season and the machine stop producing for the other half of the year. Years of hard work in informing the workers on constructions sites and farms was finally paid off. Once the people understand the importance of wearing boots for safety, the selling grew significantly.

Another big and important decision was made by Mr. Poedjiono in 1982 by purchasing the latest technology from Italy. With that machine, the first bicolour boots, AP 9506 was introduced in Indonesia and remains until today the top model. Since then AP Boots became the market leader in Indonesia and diligently provides new models adding women, teens, and children in its clients list.

The first tricolour boots for Asia (Japan excluded), AP 2003 was launched in 2003. The next big innovation was marked with the introduction of AP 2006 to the market in 2006. AP 2006 was uniquely equipped with a meter at the rear to measure the depth of water/ mud.

AP Boots continues its aggressive innovation and introduced special boots for bikers, AP Moto in 2007 followed by AP XT and AP School in 2008. The casual wear market was seized by AP Boots with the launch of AP Clog and Ballerina.

At the beginning of 2010, AP Boots introduced AP Safety; the first safety shoes with S5 standard equipped with double steel on the sole and cuff. With all the international standards that AP applies including the standard of safety and hygiene, AP remains the top leader of the market in Indonesia at the moment.

Never stop to innovate' is the vision of AP Boots. And with that confident and assurance vision, AP Boots will remain as the top leader in 20 provinces in Indonesia and counting.

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