In hot conditions (underground mining) foot hygiene is especially important because the combination of warmth and sweat can become a breeding ground for bacteria or germs. The possibility of formulating fungicide into the PVC compound does exist but, because it is toxic, would be risky for human application.

The cleaning procedure described below should be applied but, in addition, the use of good quality cotton socks to absorb sweat should be worn. Clean socks must be worn each day.

  1. Clean exterior of the boot with mild soap and water. Never use chemicals or solvents as these will extract the plasticisers and make the boot brittle, causing it to crack. A mild disinfectant may be used in the interior of the boot but the boot must then be thoroughly rinsed.
  2. To remove soil build-up in the sole tread pattern use mild soap and water and a scrubbing brush.
  3. The interior of the boot should be washed with mild detergent which will both clean and deodorise. The nylon sock liner is designed to minimise liquid absorption and dry more quickly.
  4. Place the boot in a place where air circulation can assist drying (outside in the fresh air is good). Never use heat to accelerate the drying process.
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